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It’s a must to define the priorities and take the operational & tax advantages into consideration before making a decision between operational car leasing ( Long Term Car Rental ) and purchasing…

There is No Capital Outflow: The financing expenses of the vehicles that you will lease via UDOK are covered by ALFA
You Need to Allocate Capital: If you purchase the vehicles that you will use, you need to allocate capital or use credit.

The whole operational leasing payment is deducted: 100% of the car leasing payment is deducted and its VAT is also deducted from the VAT that will be paid.
The vehicle payment can only be depreciated within 5 Years: The value of the vehicle investment can be deducted from the depreciation within 5 years.
There are no costs such as maintenance, repair, damage, spareparts, etc.: Follow-up and financing of all the maintenance, repair and damage processes are carried out by ALFA.
The costs such as maintenance, repair, damage, spareparts, etc. Are an important expense item: Vehicles have an accident, break down and they need to be serviced and their tyres need to be changed in due time. Employing experienced and qualified personnel for the management of your vehicles requires you to allocate time and money.
Urgent solution for the problems: When your vehicle has an accident or breaks down, ALFA provides you a new temporary car for free of charge.
Long term time and work losses occur because of the problems: When the vehicle has an accident or breaks down, repairment may last for weeks. Both the repairment time and work losses cause big costs for companies.
Management simplicity: ALFA is the only contact point for every issue regarding the vehicles that you will lease. You do not deal with any problem regarding your vehicles.
Management difficulties: Many companies that own vehicle fleet spend lots of money for the delivery and management of their vehicles. They establish different departments, fleet managers, repairing shops, appoint managers. They employ supervisors. Despite all these works, the problems regarding the vehicles still continue. Instead of focusing on the actual subjects of activity, the companies have to deal with the problems regarding the vehicles.

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