Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicles can we lease from Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing?

You can lease cars and light commercial vehicles from any brand and model that are produced and imported in Turkey with Alfa Auto Leasing in accordance with your fleet demands (excluding the trucks and vehicles that have the passenger load of 16 or more).

How long can we lease at minimum?

The long term fleet leasing offers with Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing are minimum 12 months (1 year).

Is there any sublimit to lease a vehicle?

No, Fleet Leasing is used as “Long Term Car Leasing” in our language. Fleet Leasing signifies the leasing period rather than the vehicle number.

Can we make our monthly payments by TL?

Yes, we have also payment options with American Dollar (USD) or Euro.

Whose responsibility are the maintenance, tax, insurance and the other liabilities when we lease the vehicles?

When you lease a vehicle from Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing, all the costs regarding your vehicles (excluding TPC, OGS, fuel etc. costs) are covered by us. All the assisting operation costs such as insurance, motor insurance, inspection, periodical maintenance and tyre changing with the taxes are included in the monthly leasing price.

If our vehicles have an accident and the service period extends, do you offer spare vehicle service?

Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing provides you an equivalent vehicle within 24 hours, so that you can keep your business continuity.

Can we receive road assistance?

Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing offers a 7/24 road assistance service for you to keep your business continuity.

Is there any limit on the user number of the leased vehicles?

There is not any limit on the vehicle user number provided that the users are the personnel of your company and that their names are given to us in written in advance.

Can we apply logo on and dress the leased vehicles as we wish?

Yes, you can. When the vehicle is purchased, logo application and dressing procedures have to be processed on the license in advance. Thus, if we are informed in advance, the leased vehicles can enter into service without any problem.

Can we go abroad with the leased vehicles?

Alfa Auto Fleet Leasing can give approval for the vehicle to go abroad if it deems suitable after requesting the necessary documents.

Can we purchase the leased vehicles at the end of the leasing period?

Yes, after the vehicles are delivered at the end of the leasing period, the leased vehicles are reviewed and their second hand value is assessed according to the status of the car. After this process, you can purchase the car, if you wish.

Tips for Selling Second Hand Automobiles

Generally the places where you can sell your car are the places such as retailers, services or persons where you can also buy them.

• Present Your Car Properly
Whichever way you choose to sell your car, clean both the interior and exterior parts as good as you can. Wipe and sweep every corner where you can reach including the baggage and motor parts. If it is time for oil change, change it. Take all the service records and bills with you so that your caring for the car will be appreciated.
If the car has a spoilt condition or any other problem that may cause problems in the traffic, such as worn out tyres, leaky exhaust, missing headlamps, have it either repaired/changed or inform the buyer about all these. Always tell the truth; however there is not a law stating that ‘you must always give answers to the unasked questions’.

• Determine the Price
You may want the automobile distributors of especially your car’s brand to determine a price for your car by visiting their units who deal with second hand cars. The price they will first quote is subject to bargain, you may also give your price. When you visit several distributors like this, you will have definite information about how much will be given to your car. Perhaps you will immediately decide to sell your car to them as free of problems.

• Strategies for Bartering
If you are buying the new one by giving the old one, try to have the best price for both. What you have to do first is to provide the best conditions, and then to accept the new car. If the distributor abstains from determining a price for your car or gives a very low price, try the other distributors. If you get the price that you want, now it is time to try to compromise for the new car. Start the bargain from the beginning as if the bartering has not occurred. Start from the prime cost and state notably that you want to buy that car with the lowest margin of profit possible.

 • While Selling to a Person
You will struggle very much. Advertise on web pages or newspapers with high circulation. If you think of acting cautiously, you may meet the potential buyer out of your house, for example in a car park.

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