The advantages of UDOK Long Term Car Leasing

UDOK is the name of the product package in ALFA Operational Car Leasing Company of the global application that saves you from making financial investment and employing personnel regarding the issue by undertaking the management of the vehicle park of your company.

When you lease a vehicle within the scope of UDOK;
The sales value and all the maintenance and repair costs of the vehicle are covered by ALFA. At the end of the leasing period, you have the opportunity to replace your old vehicles with 0 km vehicles from all brands and models.
The Alfa Auto experts that purchase great numbers of vehicles use their professional knowledge when negotiating the vehicle prices. They pay attention to getting the equivalent benefit on the most economical conditions with the successful analysis of the comparative prices of the vehicles in the same segment.
Alfa Auto saves you from the bureaucratic procedures when purchasing vehicle.
Thanks to Alfa and UDOK, the vehicle bills related with your company are managed from one center. This provides you tax advantage and also helps the time and work loss be eliminated.
Alfa Auto experts deal with the maintenance, repair, tyre changing and all the technical problems of your vehicles.
The maintenance / repairing bills that include the technical issues regarding the vehicles are reviewed and evaluated with great care by the expert Alfa personnel. The car leasing prices are determined with the statistical analysis of the expenses that appear after these Cost Control procedures, thus the client companies get rid of unnecessary costs.
Anywhere in Turkey, Alfa Auto provides you a temporary vehicle for free of charge in replacement of your vehicle in the event of accident or breakdown.
Alfa Auto offers all kind of assistance services such as drawing, rescuing, ambulance, medical aid, accommodation, homecoming, going on travelling, etc. to its customers for 7/24.
With UDOK, the Financial Statements and Ratios of the companies become healthier, because there is not any obligation that can be seen in the liabilities of the company.
The tax payments and inspections (traffic / exhaust) of your vehicles are tracked and made on time by the Alfa Auto experts.
More than 250 contracted authorized services of ALFA Auto throughout the country prevent the time and work loss of our customers and provide an active mobility.
Alfa helps you travel more safely by making personal accident insurance and liability insurance SEPARATELY FOR EACH VEHICLE besides making comprehensive insurance on the vehicles and users.
UDOK provides the companies the opportunity to focus on their core businesses.
UDOK is the only contact point for the questions and demanded information related with your vehicle fleet.

In this age, the easiest way of getting benefit from the car by paying attention to savings on time and money is through driving a vehicle with UDOK.

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