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Advantages of long term car rental.

Useful Information

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At a time when cost reduction and efficiency are at the top of every firm's list of priorities, new methods for managing these fleets are emerging, through not from traditionally purchasing method. Companies with important fleet volumes are moving more and more towards "Long Term Car Leasing" to truly maximize the potential savings.

The management team of a company who aims at a substantial decrease of company car fleet costs they outsource the needs to the operational car leasing companies. Alfa's job is to get the maximum optimization possible with realistic levels of service and policy in addition making sure that the driver is looked after.

Long Term Car Leasing (UDOK) and car fleet management have been the rising values of automotive sector in the last decade. The researches show that 95% of the customers of UDOK recommend this method without hesitation to the other companies that own their vehicles.

Alfa analyzes clients' needs in terms of overall volume and guarantees a high-quality and good service with the best price of controlled total cost of ownership. To manage the fleet in optimal way fleet owners choose Alfa which allows them not to deal with car manufacturers, service networks, bank networks and own fleet management team.

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